Mountfield Chainsaw

Who are Mountfield?

Mountfield is a British-based company, renowned for their quality and innovation in garden machinery. Established over 50 years ago, they have earned an enviable reputation across the globe. Offering a comprehensive range of lawnmowers, chainsaws and other outdoor power products, Mountfield has become one of the best known brands in the industry.

When it comes to chainsaws, Mountfield are market leaders; offering professional performance with user-friendly design features that make them favoured amongst home users and professionals alike. Their range is wide enough to meet any need or budget – from lightweight electric saws up to powerful petrol models designed for heavy pruning or felling larger trees.

One of the key advantages that set Mountfield apart from competitors is their focus on safety features – something often overlooked by other manufacturers when designing more affordable saws. All models contain anti-kickback technology as standard; this means that if your chain slips off during use it will automatically stop instead of lurching back towards you with potentially dangerous results! Furthermore, most model feature advanced vibration dampening systems which reduce fatigue while operating even large machines over extended periods.

It’s not just safety that makes Mountfield stand out though: all saws are backed by a generous two year warranty (or five year on some models), so you can rest assured knowing any defects can be rectified quickly without cost to yourself! Plus there’s always plenty of spare parts available whenever needed – again helping keep running costs down long term too!
More recently, Mountfield also began producing green energy solutions such as battery powered tools which offer low emissions and noise levels compared to traditional combustion engines – perfect for those looking for eco friendly options but still wanting reliable performance around their gardens or allotments!

Clearly then; whatever your needs may be when it comes to cutting wood efficiently at home or work – whether its trimming hedges or felling old trees – Mountfield has got you covered with a great selection of high quality chainsaw designs suitable for both amateur hobbyists and seasoned experts alike!

Where are Mountfield Chainsaws Made?

This is a question that many chainsaw users ask themselves when looking for the perfect saw to match their needs. Mountfield Chainsaws are created with quality and craftsmanship in mind, ensuring that any user can rely on them for reliable performance.

The answer to this question lies in the heart of Europe, where all of Mountfield’s products are manufactured and assembled. Set within the rolling hills of Slovakia, their state-of-the-art production facility features advanced machining techniques to ensure precision cutting capabilities and superior tooling accuracy. Every single component used during the manufacturing process has been carefully selected and tested in order to guarantee consistent quality throughout each product range.

From here, raw materials such as aluminium alloy bars are cut into specific lengths before being welded together using an automated welding robot arm which ensures a smooth finish every time – no sharp edges or jagged lines here! The metal components then move through several other processes including grinding, sandblasting and painting – all essential steps necessary for achieving a durable surface coating that will withstand even the toughest conditions experienced by professional chainsaw operators.

Once completed they are ready to be assembled onto one another until they form a fully functional Chainsaw; all key components such as motors, blades and fuel tanks have been securely attached with bolts/screws tightened down correctly so as not to cause any damage during usage due to poor constructional integrity. Finally comes testing – every finished unit is thoroughly checked over using specialist diagnostic equipment before it leaves the factory floor; only after passing these tests do they get shipped out around the world directly from our Slovakian headquarters!

Mountfield understand how important it is for users that their tools perform at optimum levels regardless of environment or application; therefore attention must be paid at every step along its journey from raw material sourcing right up until final product delivery – something we take pride in doing daily! We believe this commitment towards excellence sets us apart from other manufacturers who often compromise on quality just so they can bring goods market faster than anyone else can…