OREGON CS1400 2400 W Electric Chainsaw Review

Editor's Rating: 9.2/10
User's Rating: 8.7/10

With only a quick pull of the red PowerSharp lever, a self-sharpening electric chainsaw removes any dullness from your chain. High torque and power, immediate start at the pull of a trigger, no fumes, easy to move without fuel/oil spill, reduced servicing and maintenance costs. The Oregon corded chainsaw is the best option if you want to trim branches and limbs in your yard. Because it starts quickly and doesn’t require any gas-oil mixing, you’ll save time and aggravation. This chainsaw is made by the saw chain maker, and it includes a 16″ chain that you can tighten without using tools thanks to the built-in tensioning ring. The automatic oiler distributes oil on the bar and chain of your chainsaw while it’s running, keeping it lubricated and avoiding early wear.

Who Makes Oregon CS1400 2400 W?

The Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation was founded with four workers and one product in 1949. Today, the Oregon brand is included in Oregon Tool, Inc., a business with more than 3,000 employees and thousands of items. Here are some of the people, goods, and events that have made the history of the world’s number-one name in saw

OREGON CS1400 2400 W 16” Cutting Bar

The Oregon CS1400 electric chainsaw is a strong and versatile saw for professionals and homeowners who need to cut wood in rough conditions. The DuraCut saw chain with advanced plating and an ultra high-wear resistant chrome-moly body means you’ll get unrivalled toughness in the worst circumstances.

Oregon CS1400 2400 W Chainsaw Amazon & Dealers

You can pick up an Oregon CS1400 2400 W  from the Oregon website. Of course, you can pick one up from Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

Oregon CS1400 2400 W chainsaw price

The price at Oregon CS1400 2400 W is under $100 so the price will be similar around the world too. It’s not overpriced, it’s got a good build quality with durable parts that are made to last.


Type Corded, Electric
Bar Length40
Model NumberCS1400
Maximum Rotational Speed14.7
Weight KG7.26
Weight Pounds16


Consumer Warranty3
Product Length CM52.4
Type Corded, Electric
Color Black, Grey, red
Switch Type Push button
Cable Length6

Chain & Bar

Chain & Bar IncludedYes
Chain PitchIntegrated Chain Brake
Bar OilerAutomatic
Tool-less Chain TensioningYes
Chain BrakeYes
Low KickbackLow

Power Head

Vibration DampingLow Vibration
Handle TypeRear Handle


Can you tell me where this product is manufactured?

The company has HQ in the USA, but the machine may very well be made in China.

Problems attaching bar and chain with one I've just purchased. The tensioner does not move far enough to fit the chain. Any tips?

You seem to expect to be able to put the chain into the groove on the bar without taking into account that the path length for the chain within the groove is much shorter than the path around the top of the walls of the groove. If the chain length were made so big that it was easy to just lift it into the groove there would be far too much slack once it is in the groove. Benno’s comparison to putting on a bicycle chain is very good. You need to get as much as possible of the chain around the drive sprocket, into the lower groove, around the tip sprocket and up into the upper groove and then pull the chain that is in the upper groove further along the groove (in reverse) to get more chain in. This will cause the drive sprocket to rotate in reverse. When all the chain is in there will be a lot of slack to take up by the tensioner.

Does anyone know why I can't fit a 40cm Stilt chain to this? It's about 2mm too short. Do Stilt and Oregon measure 40cm differently?

An alternative method is to first put the chain fully and tightly on the bar with the bar in your hand and the tensioner wheel fully anticlockwise. With the chain tightly in the groove you will have just enough slack at the back end to put the chain over the drive sprocket and then get the bar over the stud. During this last maneuver, it may be necessary to allow the chain to slide on the bar in order for the drive links to get properly onto the drive sprocket. Take up the slack with the tensioner. Fit the side cover and pull the chain in reverse to ensure it is correctly mounted and moves smoothly with effort in order to avoid damage when you power up. When pulling the chain make sure the left-hand barrier (Brake) is pushed towards the motor). Prime the oiler and oil the front sprocket BEFORE you fit the chain. Pulling the chain in reverse will help you judge the tension. Too much tension will make the chain very difficult to move and will wear the bar. Too little will risk the chain jumping out of the groove.

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